The Willowton Group manufacturing facility in Pietermaritzburg, has successfully secured its Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Food Safety Management System. The HACCP is an internationally accepted food quality and safety management system and assures products to be hygienic and safe for public consumption.

The HACCP accreditation makes Willowton Group the only oil and margarine manufacturer in KwaZulu-Natal to secure this qualification and assures its customers of the highest quality in production and manufacturing within its oil manufacturing facility.

Quality & Safety
British Retail Consortium

The Willowton Group manufacturing facility in Pietermaritzburg is proud to have met the standards set by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). BRC accreditation is essential for securing contracts with companies supplying food products to major UK supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.The BRC compliancy means that Willowton Group successfully passed a stringent step-by-step analysis of each process identifying consumer product health hazards. These include product allergens, chemical and microbiological hazards as well as a thorough inspection of facility machinery and equipment.

Heart Foundation of South Africa – Platinum Seal of Appreciation

Professor Pamela Naidoo, Chief Executive of the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) and President of the African Heart provides some sobering statistics on cardio-and cerebro-vascular diseases (CVDs), namely heart disease and strokes. She states that CVDs constitutes 18% of the 48% of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in South Africa and it is for this reason the HSFSA focusses on driving its mission and vision every financial year. CVDs contributes the second highest burden of disease after HIV and AIDS. “Operationalizing our mission and vision through the various programmes we run to benefit the public at large using a public health model is only possible through the support of many of our sponsors, partners and collaborators” says Prof Naidoo. She continues to say that partner support is humbling based on the trust placed in me and my staff who carry out the valuable work of the Foundation that makes a notable difference to the health of South Africans.

Prof Naidoo thanks the Willowton Group, our Platinum Sponsor in particular for their contribution to driving the science agenda at the Foundation and for facilitating our community reach at scale through their community-based initiatives. In a climate where the South African economy fluctuates unpredictably, the Willowton Group has always provided the appropriate and consistent support needed by the Foundation. The basket of products that the Willowton Group has endorsed by the HSFSA with the Heart Mark logo also reflects the company’s commitment to guiding the South African public on how to make healthier food choices as part of a healthy meal plan. Prof Naidoo is confident that the HSFSAs and the Willowton Groups’ partnership and collaborative CSI will get stronger, the consequences of which will be the empowering of more South Africans by focussing on holistic health and well-being and most importantly the prevention of CVD across all vulnerable age groups.

Visit the Heart & Stroke Foundation SA website here


The newly-formed Global Agri-business Alliance (GAA) is an alliance of 36 leading agri-businesses with the aim to collectively tackle the major environmental and social challenges facing agricultural supply chains and rural communities across the world.

The companies already involved come from Africa, Asia, Australia, USA and South America and are in multiple commodities including grains, dairy, edible nuts, edible oils, pulses, rubber, sugar, as well as agro-chemicals. Willowton Group is one of the two founding members to represent South Africa.

The GAA is unique in bringing together the companies operating closest to the ‘farmgate’ and therefore having the greatest influence on the stewardship of natural resources and surrounding communities, many of whom may also be employed by the sector.

The GAA will harness their collective strengths at the ‘front-line’ of agricultural production to help bring the scale and impact required to drive major change.

Members will collaborate to improve rural livelihoods and working conditions, mitigate climate risks and manage natural capital sustainably at the landscape-level. This powerful combination will greatly improve food and nutrition security globally.

US Food and Drug Certification

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Food Safety Assessment

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BEE Certificate

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HACCP SABS Certificate

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Halaal Certificate

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Margarine FSA Certificate

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Oil FSA Certificate

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RSPO Certificate

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Willowton Oil BRC Certificate

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